Yeung returns from injury ahead of schedule with three rides at Happy Valley

With three rides scheduled for Tuesday at Happy Valley, Keith Yeung Ming-lun is excited to get back in the saddle.

Yeung feared his season was gone after fracturing his toes in a freak accident in April when he crashed into the fence, but he returns to racing ahead of schedule and in excellent condition.

I haven't been off for very long, and the new physiotherapist has given me some really wonderful treatment, so I'm feeling great, Yeung said. "His name is Chris [Kamper], and the Jockey Club has been quite supportive of me throughout the accident.

I didn't believe I would return this season, but with the physiotherapists' and doctor's assistance, I was able to recover much more quickly than I had anticipated.

Yeung's right foot clipped the opening in the rail at the winning post when his mount Jumbo Goal was forced up late at Happy Valley on April 27. As a result, he sustained two fractures in his big toe and one in his middle toe.

Before his time on the sidelines, Yeung had already surpassed his nine-win total from the previous season with 10 victories, and he is not one to dwell on his misfortune.

Yeung added, "It was just horrible luck." There is just one gap in the railing around the track, and I simply slammed my toes into it.

"I've been in this place long enough to handle challenges like this. These things simply occur, and I consider myself fortunate that it was only a minor accident and that I was able to recover quickly.

Yeung will be expecting to have a winner when he returns, and he believes that Handsome Veggie in the Class Four Rumsey Handicap's first section gives him the best chance (1,200m).

Yeung remarked, "He's run several good races and he has never been defeated by too far. After working with him in the morning, I was pleased with his form.

"I believe I might have a sneaky opportunity from barrier four. He always has a strong finish, and he occasionally gains ground when he falls too far behind.

In section two of the Rumsey Handicap, Yeung's other horse, Hang's Choice, makes his three-month comeback. The rider believes he will likely perform better for the run.

He has been absent for a time, Yeung said. He is jogging more than 1,200 meters, but I believe he needs to go farther.

Yeung will be getting ready to begin a two-year Bachelor of Health Education at the Education University of Hong Kong, which begins in September, while the majority of jockeys will be jetting abroad and enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation during the off-season.

The opportunity to further his studies after quitting school early excites the 34-year-old.

Yeung stated, "I'm definitely looking forward to the course. One drawback of becoming a jockey is that you start out so early and miss the majority of your education.

I only completed grade nine. The correct course of action should have been to complete your diploma before enrolling in college, but I don't have that. I even lost all of my academic records.

"I wanted to go back to school, but I didn't believe it was possible. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for me."

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