Wrexham hero Paul Mullin admits he’d quit football tomorrow if it meant all his ‘worries’ over son Albi would be over after bravely opening up on his autism diagnosis in hit documentary

Mullin revealed how one particular scene in the hit series Welcome to Wrexham encapsulated his emotions around his family, in particular his son Albi, who was diagnosed with autism in January. Wrexham's talismanic striker also paid tribute to co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for putting real life matters ahead of football.

"They got that so right. Yes, it was a big moment, but the perspective that Albi has brought into my life meant that when I kicked that ball I felt no pressure. I was ice-cold. It was just a kick in a game. I put the ball on the spot and scored. I admire that about Rob and Ryan – they’ve never fallen into the ‘football is everything’ trap. Yes, it’s massive, and it matters to people on a very deep emotional level. But it’s nothing compared to the health and happiness of your loved ones. Truth is, if someone said, ‘Stop football tomorrow and all your worries with Albi will be over,’ I’d shake their hand and say, ‘Sound.’ "


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