About Silver

Silver Coins is your experience in Casino Pub and higher value than Points. Earn Silver Coin by Making Deposit to our Sponsored Casino.

Special benefit: OX88 (Main sponsor) deposits will gain x2 amount of Silver
Terms & Condition applies*

Casino Pub 银币是您的经验值。您可以存款来获得银币。将来银币的作用很多,请尽快收集银币。

How to get Silver Coin 怎么获得银币

OX88 deposits will be entitled with Double amount of Silver (Pioneer sponsor of Pub100) Kindly refer notes to know more

Amount of Silver is given by the HIGHEST SINGLE DEPOSIT amount within 7 days. Claim submission must be made within 7 days of deposit that are “approved”.

Rank 等级

The Higher Rank you have, the most benefit you have. Level Up your Rank now by earning Silver Coins. 越高等级,越多待遇。马上累积银币升级你的等级!

Member’s level based on your to the total amount of silver Coins owned.


Submit Claim

Maximum size 1MB


To Qualify for Silver Coin, you must:

  1. Verified Member of Pub100/CasinoPub (Completed KYC)
  2. Made at least 1 Minimum Deposit of RM100 on our Sponsored Online Casino
  3. A registered member of our Sponsored Online Casino.
  4. Claim must be made within 7 days upon deposit is successful.
    – Once the deposit is approved, claim period starts.

No, Please provide the correct deposit statement and the correct online casino on the form. Casino that are not our Sponsored Casino are not eligible for Silver claim.

Our list of Sponsored Casino (last update 4 july 2023)

  • *OX88 (x2 silver amount)
  • W138
  • K138
  • Play88
  • T7Bet

(last update 4 july 2023)

* OX88 gets exclusively double amount of silver due to being the Pioneer(first) sponsor of Pub100. *

Update (27th Sept 2021): OX88’s silver claim x2 silver bonus are only limited ONCE per 30 days based on your last claim. You will still gain silver regardless on weekly claim.

Please Submit your claim with the form on top as soon as possible. Once your claim are verified based on your deposit statement/receipt, your Silver Coin will be given within 24 hours.

*Claims can be made as soon as the deposit is approved and the 7 day period starts based on your deposit date, not your submission date

The Amount of Silver point gain is based on the Highest Deposit Amount within 7 days of First Deposit*. Note that minimum Deposit qualified for Silver coin is minimum RM100 in a SINGLE deposit.

*First 7 day are counted the moment your deposit are approved by your online casino not by your submission date.


1st of January to 7th of January

1st of January deposit : RM200
3rd of January deposit: RM100
7th of January deposit: RM50

The amount of Silver you get = RM200 (Highest Deposit) = 3 Silver Coin

*Update: Due to users confused on the term “Highest single deposit” within 7 days, this includes every casino you played within the 7 days, which means only 1 deposit among all casino will qualify. *