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freebet reward

Only One Free Claim for Normal member. To claim more than once, collect Silver Coin by make some deposit.


Sponsored Free Credits

You cant checkout if you dont have enough RM. You can convert your points to Cash (RM) here.

You need these before claim approve

  1. Member for at least 1 month
  2. Joined our telegram channel.
  3. You must fill in your casino username + telegram username when making order
  4. Your IC for KYC (Admin will request via email when your order made)
  5. Profile image added

Click here if you need guide


All members are required the following to claim Free credit

Video guide here

  1. At least 1 Month of membership before claiming.
    Eg. If you are registered on 1st of April, you can make free claim starting on 1st of May.
  2. Your IC for KYC, admin will email and request for a photo of your IC (Admin will provide instructions in the email)
  3. Your account must have a profile picture.
    To add profile picture
    – Visit Gravatar and register an account with same email as Pub100’s account.
    – Login and upload a profile picture to gravatar account
    – Your Pub100 account will be updated with profile picture.
  4. Join into Pub100’s telegram group with the link below
    Pub 100 Telegram Channel
  1. Free credits are only allowed to be claimed ONCE , regardless of which casino brand you pick.
  2. If you are qualified for multiple free credit claim (silver) , you are only allowed to claim free credit ONCE per Month (based on claimed date).
    Eg. if you claim on 15th of June, your next claim is available on 15th of July.
  3. All free credit will be subjected with different turnovers. Refer to each product to know more.
  4. All free credit will be processed within 48 Hours by Pub100 , another 48 hour on Casino side. Some casino claim will take up to 1 week due to different procedure, refer to each product for more info.
  5. Users who are not qualified for free claim due to whichever reasons (claim attempt used, claim limit) will be canceled and refunded for first and second time. Third claim within a short period (1 week)  without qualification will be considered as offensive act and will be on-hold
  6. Casinopub/Pub100 reserves all the rights to change the rules and terms & condition without prior notice. Make sure to review all rules before making a claim.
  1. Pub100 does not represent or own any free credit casino brand available for claim, Pub100 is solely involved with partnership and only “promoting” respective brands.
  2. Any issues AFTER free credits were processed are not within Pub100 control. Please refer to respective casino’s customer service via Live chat. (eg, withdrawal on hold, accounts banned for whatever reason)
  3. There “should” or will be no real money involved on getting your free credits expect using Points/Cash/Silver. In any case anyone ask for “real money” when processing free credit “on behalf” of  Pub100, please refuse and report it us on .
  4. Pub100 are not responsible for any scam or money lost that happens outside of official announcement. For example, any post that are not by Pub100 admins.
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