Red Packet

350 Red Packet for our Silver Coin members. Everyone can scratch this card, but this is only exclusive for Silver coin members. Means if you share it out to non silver members = lesser chance for you to earn free Cash.

 The Red Packet event has ended. Thank you for your participation. 

Please collect Silver for the next upcoming Red packet with even more value and prizes!

There are only  350 scratch card and only for Silver Coins members. 2 scratch per day. 一天只能开两个, 一共只有350个红包。只给拥有银币的会员。

First come first serves basis. If you share the link to non-silver members, you reduce your chance to win large amount of free cash. 先来先得。Casinopub 只会把这红包派给有Silver的会员。如果你把红包链接发出去,你可赢取的cash机会也会少了。

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