Quiz Mini Game

Quiz has been updated with new format. Each Question will show answer whether right or wrong with explanation.

Answer Quiz Questions every week.

Every Correct Answer = RM2

All  members are allowed to participate this Quiz to earn RM.

Quiz will start countdown once you click Ready. Remaining Time will carry over if you stop midway. Each question has 2 Min.


Every registered Pub100 Members can play this quiz.

You will get RM2 every correct answer, Wrong answer will not cause any point lost.

If you are unable to finish all within 60 second, correct answer will still counts.

*RM will be given automatically now, report to us here if there are problem*

*Reward amount are subjected to changes in future*

Each member can only submit ONCE per quiz.

You can claim your RM here.

*Standard terms & condition applies. *

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