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W138 RM 60 Free Credit


Get RM60 W138 Credit with only 6000 Points with 15Turnovers Needed. Please write down the usernames of your CasinoPub account as well as this casino’s account in the checkout. It takes about 48 Hours for redemption.
您可用 6000 积分换取 RM 60 的 W138 筹码,需符合15倍的投注率。请在订购时注明你的Casinopub 用户名及此博彩网的用户名。需要48小时处理。

78 reviews for W138 RM 60 Free Credit

  1. markkong (verified owner)

    this item is nice to purchase it..

  2. justin6137 (verified owner)

    #3468waiting process??

  3. syazrulull


  4. arill89


  5. mohamadsyafiq (verified owner)

    I already make a order.. #4700

  6. boyka

    can anyone help me to reedem my point???i already have 4500point

    • admin

      hi, you please try to convert to RM

    • admin

      then use RM to check out the product

  7. andyrahmat

    Hi tq four credit

  8. fnajib90 (verified owner)

    hi I don’t receive credit at W138 casino can u check my purchase. thank you

    • admin

      you only can have one claim only

  9. boyka

    admin please help me to convert my point to cash..i can’t convert it..help me find out the problem plss

  10. gilbert1981 (verified owner)

    I don’t receive my credit at w138 yet, can you please check for me?

  11. rossi2807


  12. sookling

    Me convert point to cash already…admin can help me in cash point to w138 casino game or not

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, i checked your balance and you only got RM30 cash points, you will need RM60 cash points to redeem this free credit.

  13. kidsfc (verified owner)

    pls checking .i redeem w138 clam free rm60- waiting so long time

  14. kidsfc (verified owner)

    pls check id ,w138 clam60

  15. tonynctlee (verified owner)

    How long does the process took after we redeem? Few days

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Your claim will be verified within 1 working day whether if your account are qualified for free credit claim.
      Once we have verified your claim, we will notify the related casino to top up the free credit into your account .
      This will depend on casino side and we do not have a specific time for it.

  16. tonynctlee (verified owner)

    Just logged in w138 web.. Still remain 0.3sen which I left since 2016 lol

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi , could you kindly check again whether did the credit already top up in your account ?

  17. erabiru11 (verified owner)


  18. drjinggo (verified owner)

    Order no 12343

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Please check your mail, we have updated you on your order.

  19. were5989 (verified owner)

    Order no #13701

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi , we got the order already. We manually check every order and process :).
      Please give us some time

  20. alantee928 (verified owner)

    When can i get the cash 60 reedeem at my w138 admin i proses just

  21. alantee928 (verified owner)

    Admin my order number 14136

  22. aiyabb

    Can somebody let me know, how to check out for point redemption,…

  23. tyy928928 (verified owner)

    (Your reply is editted for privacy issues.)

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, please dont show your order details in the comments. Check your mail for update

  24. tyy928928 (verified owner)

    Admin when can i get the reddem already proses at mail i get

  25. ken89001 (verified owner)

    Admin my order number 15564

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      hi, we are currently processing the order with w138. Please wait patiently, Thank you.

  26. vileiny92

    W138.com company still exist?

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Yes it is still operational. If you are unable to find it, it is likely your internet service provider has blacklisted the link.
      try using another internet service or data.

  27. Roadtax2U Myeg (verified owner)

    success buy , but forgot put game username ; my w138 username is “PRONIAGA’

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi , We have taken note on your changes.
      Please allow us to process the order and forward it to respective partner to process the free credit within 48 hours.

      Thank you.

  28. kelvinkuan87 (verified owner)

    Admin my order number #16388

  29. Adit Mar (verified owner)

    Hello admin saya sudah beli w138 rm60 tolong cek ye..

  30. kelvinkuan87 (verified owner)

    How long does the process took after we redeem? Few days

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi there, it will be indeed require at least 48 hours to process.
      We have already forwarded your claim to our partner, now we can only wait our partner to process the free credit in.
      While at it, we have also send them a reminder about this.

  31. kelvinkuan87 (verified owner)

    i claim from 2 may… but haven receive money at w138

  32. kelvinkuan87 (verified owner)


  33. vileiny92

    Already add to cart Bos username Vileiny92

  34. vileiny92 (verified owner)

    Payment order 16755

  35. vic11heng (verified owner)

    Hi i also hv claim free credit at w138 username is vicheng

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, we have already receive your order. However it is already stated it will need at least 48 hour to process.

  36. Roadtax2U Myeg (verified owner)

    username : bigpay88.
    i buy w138 rm60 using my point. so where is it id to play ? already 3 days waiting . my w138 username : proniaga

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, the free credit has already processed according to our partner. Please check your account “PRONIAGA”

  37. Roadtax2U Myeg (verified owner)

    Payment for Order: #16371

  38. vic11heng (verified owner)

    I claim date is 4/5 until today ady 48 hours why still not yet top up?
    W138 username is vich3ng

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi ,
      We were notified by W138 that your account “vich3ng” is suspended due to duplicated account.
      Thus they are not processing the free credit to your account “vich3ng” in w138.
      We’ll temporary on-hold the order and wait for further instruction.

  39. vileiny92 (verified owner)

    Can you advise ?this is my conversation between w138
    Kindly hold on while we are checking this for you
    After checked and verified by our provider, your account has identified as Group Syndicate Betting which this conduct has been identified breaching our company’s rules and regulations.

    Therefore your user account will be permanently suspended.

    The verification is done by related department and the decision is final

    Vileiny92 02:31:08 pm

    hello Bos I only 1 register here .how come u blocked? I log in from time to time waiting for pub100 to credited my account. Suddenly u say

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, i’ll forward this to our partner for investigation. Please kindly wait as we investigate.
      Thank you. Currently the order will be on-hold.

  40. marie00

    Too good to be true?

  41. vileiny92

    Hello if u can be more helpful just decline the order and return back the point/cash .i’ve could’ve raise my point /cash & claim at other company such as w88 instead of wasting time to wait this w138 decision that they said is final .

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Unfortunately we are unable to cancel/refund the order anymore as the credit was already given to your designated account, which means the order has been fulfilled.
      About your W138 account issue it was totally out of our expectation of what has happened.

  42. vic11heng

    Hello i ady check with w138 live chat .
    My vich3ng account is still active.
    W138 00:12
    You have another account registered under same name : Iwwin27 which already suspended
    For this : Vich3ng still active
    How may we assist ?
    Pls can you check back with w138 ok
    Ady 1 week still no top up

  43. vic11heng

    Hello i ady check with w138 live chat .
    My vich3ng account is still active.
    W138 00:12
    You have another account registered under same name : Iwwin27 which already suspended
    For this : Vich3ng still active
    How may we assist ?
    Pls can you check back with w138 ok
    Ady 1 week still no top up

  44. vic11heng

    W138 00:12
    You have another account registered under same name : Iwwin27 which already suspended
    For this : Vich3ng still active
    How may we assist ?
    Hello this is i live chat with w138
    They ady check my account vich3ng is active no suspended.
    May i know when i can get the free credit ady 1 week .

  45. vic11heng

    W138 00:12
    You have another account registered under same name : Iwwin27 which already suspended
    For this : Vich3ng still active
    How may we assist ?

  46. iwwin27

    W138 00:27
    Hi, may we know have you read what we sent to you on last chat ?
    We will resend again
    You have another account registered under same name : Iwwin27 which already suspended
    For this : Vich3ng still active

    Please be informed we do not directly handle casino pub matter here
    However we already informed you as above

    You may use it as reference
    We regret to inform once again, any casino pub matter, we do not have info, it;s handle by our another department. And we will not able to assist you further on this

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi Vich3ng,
      The issues here is that we have tried to request for deposit to w138 for “Vich3ng” , however they denied it and did not provide the deposit due to “account duplication” reason.
      We are not able to do anything about it, as it is totally up to their decision on whether to provide the credit or not.
      We totally have no control over this as we are the not representing or own any of the casino and in the end of the day, we’re just a “casino forum” created by demand of community not a full-fledged business organization
      However note that, this alone made us suspicion you having multiple account as you have both vic11heng and iiwin27 in pub100.
      Which means you are potentially abusing our Point, RM, or any form of free credit giveaway.
      For now your order will be cancelled and not subjected for refund due to breaching multiple account rules.
      Note that your next offense or abuse will be subjected to permanent ban.

  47. vileiny92 (verified owner)

    Regarding my acc before on w138 that accused as group syndicate betting did the issue resolve? Any info or warning I should know after this?

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi , we are unable to resolve this issue as this is all on W138 side and we have no rights to interfere.
      It is entirely up to w138 decide whether to classify your account breaching any of their rules.
      The only advice pub100 can give is to not login in and log out too constantly as it might trigger their IP tracking

  48. iwwin27

    May i know why cannot refund my point?
    Vic11heng is my last time account b4 i cant find back password so i just join in new acc iwwin27
    Why now u cancel my free credit ? I dint do anything cheating. How i cheating the points . I hv 2 acc bcos one is old acc i can find back that time so i just sign up new one. I not cheating ,i also dont know . U just cancel my one acc . How come u can cancel my claim free credit and no refund this point is i sping everyday to get the point

  49. iwwin27

    if i hv cheating why i use 2 account to send u comment

  50. iwwin27

    Now which one account i can use . Can u let me know.

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi iwwin27 or vic11heng,
      Based on your explanation, we will reconsider about this case. Note that there is a function provided on login tab “Forget Password” to reset your password by system.
      The initial free credit claim is MADE by your old account “vic11heng”, not iwwin27, even we refund it , it will automatically go to “vic11heng”.
      Either you could just use the “Forget Password” option to request for a new password by our system for “vic11heng”. Note that we will not provide a new password manually as your password are entirely your responsibility to keep and manage.
      Settle down in this new “iwwin27” account and collect your points once again for another claim in future.
      Let us know which account you wish to use.Regardless of your choice, one of the account will be removed to avoid unwanted abuse or dispute in future.

  51. vic11heng

    Ok. May i know my free credit is ady cancel ,than the point can you refund back for me bcos all this point is i post to earn points and spin everyday to get points i dint cheating the point and i also dont know. So if you hv refund points to account vic11heng.
    I want use back the old acc if hv refund . TQ

  52. vic11heng

    May i know hv you say that (The initial free credit claim is MADE by your old account “vic11heng”, not iwwin27, even we refund it , it will automatically go to “vic11heng”.) Izzit u will refund point for me?
    I hope can you refund the points back for me

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi vic11heng,
      It seems that you are able to get into your account back. Then we’ll cancel and refund the order.
      Your second account “iwwin27” will be deleted, as by rules every person should not own more than 1 account to avoid point/rm/free claim abuse.

  53. Roadtax2U Myeg (verified owner)

    my order is success & i enjoy it

  54. Roadtax2U Myeg (verified owner)

    w138 username : PRONIAGA name : tuan ashar bin nik ali amount ; RM60 Order number : 17965 , dated : 14/05/2020

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, your claim are not accepted, please check your mail for more info

  55. joeylee8997 (verified owner)


  56. joeylee8997 (verified owner)


  57. Radzmar Roy (verified owner)

    I already make an order please check it for me admin??

  58. dauzxavier (verified owner)

    Done Submit Order.. Thanks..

  59. ayuidris85 (verified owner)

    Done submit order..

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Update: Your order are not fully qualified , you are required to have at least 1000 points in your account to qualify.
      Note that your email is not valid and we are unable to contact your email. Please correct this issue or we will not process your order at the moment

  60. eddies (verified owner)

    hi i already checkout for w138 .. but i still not register with w138..is that ok?

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, you will need to provide us the username you have registered for w138, otherwise we cant provide you the free credit even if you are qualified to get one.

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Update: Please check your mail for more info, you are currently not fully qualified for free credit.

  61. eddies (verified owner)

    done submit order

  62. ayuidris85 (verified owner)

    My email not valid..??but yesterday i received email from pub100 said my order had received..why w138 blocked my account..??

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, i did not meant to say your W138 account was blocked, we cannot do such thing such as blocking your account in W138 either since we’re not even related to W138.
      We tried to mail you on ayuidris85@gmail.com but it got rebounced yesterday.
      We’ll try again later, kindly reply to the mail to confirm you have received our mail.

  63. arill89 (verified owner)

    admin..before I demanded 4000 point promotion at rm60..and now i can claim 6000 point promotion at rm60 too?

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi arill, the 4000 point promotion was from an old event in casino pub.
      We currently does not operate the same event/campaign from before.
      To get free credit, you will required to claim them on our reward page as usual with the rules and condition applied.

  64. ayuidris85 (verified owner)

    Hi admin..i already had 1000 point in my account..but my w138 username had changed..not AyuIdris85 but Jems150766

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, we have noted on your enquiry. The free credit has been forwarded to the our partner to process. Please wait for at least 2 days.

  65. ejam74

    Hi admin.. I’ve rm60 in my acc.. And I wanna deposit to w138.com please help me admin..

  66. ejam74

    Casino pub user name = ejam74
    W138.com user name = ejam74
    Admin,, please help me.. Can I make deposit..

  67. machorf

    admin saya nak tebus kredit boleh tak ..saya skrg dah ada RM60

  68. ashashahera (verified owner)

    Done submit ?

  69. wirusz1986 (verified owner)

    Hi… I was submit to claim Free RM60 W138…

  70. wirusz1986 (verified owner)

    hello sir… how long i need to wait for claim free w138 rm90

  71. ray85 (verified owner)

    Hello admin, need your kind favour to check the current status of my order on 19/7/2021 #26824. Thank you.

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi ray85, we have replied your mail. Thank you

  72. rohanarosli


  73. shera910 (verified owner)

    Yo admin..how long does the process actually takes for my game to be credited? I’ve asked w138(because i received email from pub100 saying w138 still reviewing)…but w138 said they receive no notification regarding any claim. Urgh..

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi, it is not directly handled by w138’s live chat, thus they will have no update regarding of this claim. Regardless we have reminded our partner of this.

  74. shera910 (verified owner)

    Tq admin.. U r the best… I’ll continue waiting patiently… Thanx…

  75. shera910 (verified owner)

    Its been more than 48hours dear admin..how longgggggg…….

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi Shera910, we have been notified that the credit has been credited into your provided account. Sorry for the unforseen delay 🙏

  76. shera910 (verified owner)

    Hi admin..how long does it takes to for my claim to be approve? I submitted my form on friday..and now its sunday,still no news..

  77. shera910 (verified owner)

    Hi admin. This claim only once per member, unless i deposit then i can claim again. If i didn’t/can’t make amy deposit, so whats the use of the RM later then? And u mean once for all rewards or once per reward?

    • Admin-John (verified owner)

      Hi shera910, it is as you explained, each member can only claim ONCE as a free member.

  78. chaosuang (verified owner)

    #37789 I apply but don’t receive any credit