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OX88 RM 100 Free Credit

  • 20 Turnovers


  • 20 Turnovers
  • Level 1 = can claim One time.
  • Level 2 = can claim 3 times.
  • Earn silver to upgrade to Level 2. Click here for more detail.
  • In order to purchase this item, please Convert your Point into RM here.

53 reviews for OX88 RM 100 Free Credit

  1. jr0404

    How can we exchange this gift?

    • admin

      you need to change it to RM, there is a guide there… then you can redeem this gift..

  2. markkong (verified owner)

    sorry for me because not understand for this bonus..description for this item is OX88 RM 100 Free Credit with x20 turnovers..mean if i wan to purchase this item i need change it to RM and description not mention how much to purchase this item..

  3. markkong (verified owner)

    ok..maybe i understand this item already..is that purchase it RM100 and free RM100 mean total will get RM200?

  4. markkong (verified owner)

    so need how much RM to purchase this item?

  5. markkong (verified owner)

    i really confuse regarding the description for this item..showing free credit RM100 but amount to purchase not showing properly..

  6. markkong (verified owner)

    is that this item need RM100 to purchase and it will free another RM100 so mean use RM100 to purchase and can get RM200?

    • admin

      you just need to use RM 100 to purchase… just use your point to convert it to RM will do …
      this is only RM 100.

  7. markkong (verified owner)

    ok..point convert to RM..how about silver and gold? can it convert to RM too? or what can silver and gold use for?

  8. justin6137

    One member can claim one time only,or evey time can claim one time?

    • admin

      everyone can claim 1 time,
      if you earn 10 silver points, then upgraded to level 2, then you can get 3 freebets.

  9. arill89

    I cant convert point..i have 4000 point

  10. admin

    we have help you to convert, please check, thanks

  11. boyka

    i just have 4500 poimt how to.do it??

  12. boyka

    can help me admin??

  13. Faizul Suderman

    i have 9000 point and i want to convert but that collum still cannot want to fill..can you convert for me?

    • admin

      i see you have only 2000 points… we have proceed your w138 credit, please check after 24 hours of this reply.

  14. Faizul Suderman

    help me

  15. dyno6110

    hi..why i cannot convert the points to RM?

    • admin

      really, stuck at where?

  16. dyno6110

    how to convert the point?

  17. dyno6110

    admin why i cannot convert points to cash???

  18. rodneyjr (verified owner)

    Hello Mr Admin… How long does it takes for the credit to be in the OX888 wallet?

    • Admin-John

      Hi , please check your mail .

  19. rodneyjr

    Dear admin John, done reading the email
    . Thanks for the fast reply. Already changed my request to k138 .

  20. kidsfc (verified owner)

    Admin John..how long the process ? I already choose this 1 and already requested

    • Admin-John

      Please check your email.

  21. rodneyjr

    Admin John, already requested new claim at k138, my credits also already been deducted since yesterday. But in k138, there’s no credit yet…

    • Admin-John

      Please check your email.

  22. rodneyjr

    Admin John.. why I still! Cannot claim for the free credit? The reason why I cannot claim Bo’s?

  23. rodneyjr

    Admin John.. why I still! Cannot claim for the free credit? The reason why I cannot claim Bo’s?

    • Admin-John

      Hi , please check you mail. We have provided further details on your claim. Please contact us in email to prevent comment flooding.

  24. kidsfc

    Admin John.. ,,pls check my order, wait a few day, thank you

    • Admin-John

      Hi kidsfc, please check your mail . We have updated the status.

  25. solex (verified owner)

    hi..how long the process ive already got the email for being purchase rm100 ox88 credit..

    • Admin-John

      Hi, we have just processed and check whether your account is qualified for free credit. We have contacted OX88 to process the free credit , please allow them to process the order.

  26. sookling

    Admin.. Me convert my point to cash already… Now i want play ox88 casino how to used my cash to deposit ox88 casino..

    • admin

      i see that you have make an order, tomorrow we will submit request to our sponsor then they will transfer to you in 24 hours

  27. sookling (verified owner)

    Admin… So i gonna wait tomorrow can accept or not….

  28. rodneyjr

    Admin John… I already submitted my claim for the silver coin. Why not been processed yet? Already been waiting for few days already

    • Admin-John

      Hi, please check your mail.

  29. rodneyjr

    Hello Mr admin.. ok done and already replied ur email together with my screenshot..thanks

  30. rodneyjr

    Hello again Mr Admin John… Already replied email n also already sent the SS to ur inbox. But why haven’t been process yet my claim for the silver coin. Today is already two days since last time I requested.

    • Admin-John

      Hi Rodneyjr, we have updated your silver balance based on your deposit and given you extra 200 points for the delay. Sorry for the delay.

  31. Goh Go Fun (verified owner)

    Dear cs i done submit claim free credit By pub100 account CASH to pay redeem game point, may i know when can recevie free credit point in the company games account? May i request dear cs help me to follow up update my redeem point pending to approve? Sorry about disturb cs busy work now n tq so so much.

    • Admin-John

      Hi Goh, we have updated your free credit claim. Please check your mail for more info.

  32. nana1983

    New acc can claim 1 time for for credit or must deposit than can claim ?

    • Admin-John

      Hi, each person can only claim free credit for ONCE. After that you have to deposit a certain amount in our sponsored casino to earn silvers.
      Silvers will allow you to claim more free credit.

  33. nana1983

    If I deposit 100 in ox88 than can claim free credit 100 ? Total I get 200 .

    • Admin-John

      Hi, it doesnt work that way. To understand how our Silver and Free credit works, please visit here.

      If you still need more help on understanding, please let me know, i’ll personally mail you with more info.

  34. nana1983

    Now I have RM 70 than can I claim OX88 the free credit now

  35. vic11heng (verified owner)

    Hi i hv claim Free credit at ox88 please process top up my Free credit.TQ

  36. vic11heng (verified owner)

    May i know when the free credit will top up at my account?

  37. nana1983 (verified owner)

    Ox88 deduct my RM70 ready when can get credit

    • Admin-John

      We have send a mail for you to follow up. Please check your mail.

  38. vic11heng (verified owner)

    pls check now my point hv over 1k ady . so can u process my free credit at ox88. may i know when u will process?

    • Admin-John

      Your order is currently under processing already.
      Now we’ll have to wait for OX88 to approve and process the credit since only they can issue the free credit.

  39. nana1983 (verified owner)

    Hi admin so now I need to deposit or need 1000 point than can claim

    • Admin-John

      Hi ,
      You just need to accumulate a total of 1000 points in your pub100 account as a “reference”. Once you have that amount, we will continue process your order.
      Note that the point wont be deducted or used for your free credit claim.

  40. nana1983 (verified owner)

    Hi admin
    I don’t quite understand your problem regarding need me to deposit or want me have 1000 point in acc than can claim the free credit

    • Admin-John

      I’ll try to put it as simple as possible
      1. You need 1000 points in your pub100 account

      That’s all.

      Once you have 1000 points in your pub100 account, we’ll forward your free claim to OX88 to process.
      It is simply just a requirement to claim any free credit.

  41. nana1983 (verified owner)

    Ok admin now I understand ready if I have 1000 point than can claim ready right .no need deposit.

    • Admin-John

      After you have claimed your first free credit from us, then next time you wanted to claim free deposit, you will need to have “silvers” which require you to earn from making deposits in our sponsored casino.

  42. nana1983 (verified owner)

    So in my acc have 1000 point can claim no deduct my 1000 point

  43. vic11heng (verified owner)

    Hello i submit at 11/5 but now ady 14/5 still no top up my Free credit? Ur tell me waiting 48 hours ,but now is 72 hours ady still no top up the free credit. I hope ur can tell me the right date is when will top up free credit?

    • Admin-John

      Hi ,
      I just received an update from OX88 that your order is processed. Please check your ox88 account.

  44. nana1983 (verified owner)

    Hi admin I have 1000 point in acc ready

    • Admin-John

      Very well, we’ll continue processing your submission.
      Please hold on onto those points until you get your free credit.
      Free credit will require at least two day to process.

  45. nana1983 (verified owner)

    Tq .john …..

  46. nana1983 (verified owner)

    John. When can get credit

    • Admin-John

      We received from our partner that they have processed the free credit to you since 15th may.
      May i confirm whether you have still not get the free credit ?

  47. dauzxavier (verified owner)

    hello admin i have submit this order yesterday and 1000 point also have in my account.. thanks

    • Admin-John

      Hi, we have received the order already. We forward it to OX88 to process , please kindly await as the pre-mentioned 48 hour processing time.

  48. vic11heng (verified owner)

    Hello i forget my email at ox88reward.com now i cannot reset password. Username ox88 is vicheng

  49. chrisloong26 (verified owner)

    I have purchased for this OX88 free RM100 why didn’t get it to play?

  50. mathenry

    soooo boring

  51. nazemo81 (verified owner)

    Hello admin.. when will the reward credited to my ox88 account. Applied on the 2nd oct

  52. akimmo

    Hi admin,1200 point is how much?im lost here

    • Admin-John

      1200 points is RM12. every 100 = RM1.