Participate in 1xBET Weekend BIG MATCH!

Only the best teams competenig with each other on the field!

Feeling the weekends are gonna be boring? Or you wanted to spend time with your family and friends? Not a problem, invite everyone on the 1xbet weekend big match. Enjoy the show, but the show is always better with some bets in it. And you're good in bets, we both know it!

So, can't wait to fing out who gonna play? No worries, look here:

  • The're gonna be the rough beginning on saturday, as Lazio and Inter Milan rush into fight!


  • Right after them Bournemouth will try its chances against Legendary Liverpool!


  • On Sunday night we begin with Arsenal in fight with Fulham!


  • After tea-lovers ended their show, we are heading to beautiful Italy, with its Juventus take on Roma!


  • Monday is also a weekend, isn't it? So, Real Madrid thinks, as they gonna try to defeat Espanyol!

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