OX88 Women’s Day Free Gift

Get a Free gift of RM38 on women's day, double the amount if you have high deposits in February!

Happy Women’s Day

Below are the details of OX88 Women’s Day Gift event.

*This is a promotional post, please refer OX88official or OX88reward.com for more details*

Event start on 8th March ~ 15th March.

Claim Free RM38 Gift!

Players who have met any of the criteria below can claim a free gift on OX88reward.

  1. Any amount of deposit on February (RM38)
  2. If February’s total deposit was above RM1000 , get double the amount (RM76)
  3. New player with minimum RM100 deposit during event but loses all the deposit. (RM38)

*Please refer the site for more details*

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