OX88 FIFA2022 Free Prediction Game, Win up to RM3000 prize

Predict fifa2022 winning team and win up to rm3000 prize for free, no deposit needed

FIFA2022 is starting soon

Play OX88 FIFA2022 Free Prediction game and bring home RM3000

*This is a promotional post, please refer OX88official or OX88reward.com for more details*

Prediction officially start on 19 Nov, you can register/login early.

FIFA2022 Prediction Game

Predict winning team for free, and win up to RM3000 prize

  1. Visit game site here for register game.
  2. Login daily for 50 Funds  (can kept for other match ups)
  3. Prediction will start on 19 Nov, pick which team win earn points.

*Please refer the site for more details*

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