OX88 CNY Promotion

Get Ong with OX88 CNY lucky draw with RM3000 cash prize pool , daily attendance, 10% cashback, Daily & weekly bonus.

2022 CNY Promotions

The time of the year is coming, get OX88 CNY promotion and go through a Happy Tiger Year

*This is a promotional post, please refer OX88official or OX88reward.com for more details*

Entry gain ends after Jan. Lucky draw balloting starts on 15th Feb, result on 19th Feb

Pre- CNY Lucky Draw

Deposit, get entries, get cash prize in Prize pool of RM3000

  1. Play in OX88 & make any deposits.
  2. Every RM100 of your January deposit will be considered as an entry (max 10 entries)
  3. Wait for entry number of 4 Digits per entry. (provided before 15th Feb)
  4. Check your result based on 4D Magnum result on 19th February draw date.

*Please refer the site for more details*

CNY 7-Day Lucky Attendance

Login daily and play games for 7 consecutive days. Get RM188 Bonus

Players who logged in OX88 on 2 April can claim:

  1. Login daily for 7 days consecutively.
  2. Every login requires a valid bet of RM888 in total.
  3. Complete both criteria for 7 days consecutively.
  4. Get RM188 Bonus with x8 Turnover.
  5. This promotion can be repeated multiple times.

*Please refer the site for more details*

CNY 10% Cashback

Don’t let your loses demotivate you. Get 10% cashback on every RM888 valid bet loses.


  1. Player are required to lose a total of RM888 valid bet in single day for thi promotion.
  2. When reaching RM888 valid bet loses, player can claim RM88 of bonus
  3. The bonus has a turnover of x18.
  4. This promotion can be claimed once a day.

*Please refer the site for more details*

CNY Daily 30% & Weekly 40% HR Bonus

Our players favorite as usual. Get up to RM80 Daily bonus & weekly RM400 Highroller bonus.


  1. Daily 30% Bonus , RM80 Max daily, x8 Turnover
  2. Weekly 40% Bonus, RM400 Max twice weekly , x15 Turnover

*Please refer the site for more details*

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