Marc from SGC GoldCost ttgoals SCAM

Deposit in, win, dont want to pay. give alot of excuse. I have alot of screen shots of the conversation.


Telegram: SG SGC Goldcost Casino
Name: Marc
Webaite: ttgoals

Cut short story
– Met this guy called Marc from SGC Goldcost Casino
– asked him about the rebates and turned over
– agreed on x3 turnover and comfirmed with him if it is 6840
– hit turnover of 12500 and wanting to withdraw
– end up he say his Admin check only 2500. – show him screen shot and live video of the account 12500 turnover but he die die keep say Admin say 2500
– after much negotiations, he promised to do to me the money
– shortly after, he say boss say need me deposit another 1k to them before they can release all of my winnings
– told him I don't want the rebate money, I don't want my deposit, all I give them. Just pay me back my winnings for a Heng can already.
– delayed and mia


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