Man City star Phil Foden’s mum Claire Rowlands arrested after knocking man’s hat off and ‘telling police to f*ck off’ on boozy night out

The 44-year-old was accused of knocking off a man's baseball cap in a nightclub after she decided to go hard at her drinks with her friends. Rowlands gulped down tequila shots at a friend's caravan and topped it with further drinks at Bentley's nightclub in Towyn, Wales. The bouncers had to escort her out of the pub after they accused her of assaulting a guest.

Duncan Campbell, the chairman of Llandudno Magistrates' Court, did not find her guilty of assault but slapped a £100 fine, £85 court costs, and another £40 as a surcharge as punishment.

"It is clear at the time that you were drunk, fooling around having fun," Campell ruled. "It is for the prosecution to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt and that you intended to use force. It is telling that Mr Shortman has not attended and that your actions were not consensual. Therefore we find you not guilty."


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