Invite friends Get RM

Get RM when you invite new members in telegram

What is this?

  1. Add your friends into our new telegram channel. (Best if they plays in casinos)
  2. Member who wants to invite need to request a special invite link by filling form below.
  3. When your special invite link hit target, you get rewarded base on list below.
  4. Currently higher reward as introduction. Prize will change after a period.

Invite Member Target Prize

You can retake any target prize above once you have complete any.

  1. Only completed target can get prize.
  2. Once you complete all prize, any member you add will gain RM1 per 5 members added.
  3. To claim reward when complete, kindly contact us.
  4. Prize will change accordingly. Please refer table from time to time.


eg. @username OR phone number connected

You must complete old target before have a new one.

  1. The channel is both Chinese and English combined. (old groups are both separate.)
  2. When reaching your target, kindly notify admin to check your progress, once confirmed, admin will add the RM reward into your account.
  3. Each Members are only allowed to participate this with 1 account. (Prize reward will only go to 1 account)
  4. Members that are added not using special link given by admin cannot be recorded. Please request for special link when you want to add member.
  5. Link will not expire. However old links that have not hit target for 1 whole year  will be removed (will subjected to changes)

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  1. like this the reward of RM will add to my account TOTAL CASH(RM) and must need more silver coin to level up to claim for it..why not to have some that can be claim it by no need to earn silver coin to level up and then only can claim? just my suggestion only…pls ignore the suggestion if non acceptable.. 🙂