✨Wow! When you look at the teams like that, the things are getting spicy✨

And that's why we all love football 
Everybody can beat everybody
Strategy + Motivation and the trophy is yours
We believe that the outcome here could be marvelous

A quick look at the C and D group matches

⚡ Argentina VS Saudi Arabia ⚡


 Well, Arabia team is feeling itself here as at home
So, that is obviously an plus, that may help them cope with mighty Argentina
And do you believe the first group C match brings us surprises? 


⚡ Mexico VS Poland ⚡

Poland is a total underdog here, however this team usually prove us wrong in such exotic match-ups ! 
However, the fate is on the Mexico side right now


⚡ Denmark VS Tunisia ⚡
The most straight match of this two groups ! 
Denmark is super prepared for this tournament, but maybe Tunisia has something to say against it… will see !
⚡ France VS Australia ⚡
The play of France mostly depends on their star-players ! Just remember not so long ago Mbappe wasn't in good form, so his team failed. Hopefully, this event he is on his full concentration as the other players of both teams ! Australia surely has something to say here also !

So, that was a quick analysis of match-ups specially for you !
But don't forget that teams depend also on your help 💸
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