I don’t know what came over me’ – Chelsea striker Nicholas Jackson explains heated confrontation with fan during Brentford defeat

The Senegal international was involved in an altercation with a Chelsea fan who told him to 'wake up' as he spoke with coach Mauricio Pochettino during the game. Pochettino then discussed the situation with the supporter as Chelsea went on to lose 2-0 at Stamford Bridge.

"To the fan, I have to say sorry. I never had this before. At Villarreal, you play without so much pressure because it’s a different team, but I know it comes from a good place," he told The Telegraph. “Normally, I don’t talk to fans or get distracted by what they say. I don’t know what came over me. It must have been frustration. It’s not a small thing, everybody at the game expecting you to do what they want you to. It’s because they love you, not because they hate you. They want you to make them happy. Now I know that. I was in Villarreal, but it was a different environment. You don’t have these kinds of things there. In Chelsea, it’s different."


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