How to Pick a Good Online Casino

Looking to start your very first online betting but do not know how? Check out the tips here to get started.

There are estimated to be around 3000 online casinos available “Publicly” in the internet for you to pick as it accepts transactions from your country. 

When choosing an online casino, it’s necessary to consider things which are not clear to you at first. 

To get you started, our Top 10 list are the few reputation casinos available for Malaysia Players.

  1. 1 Casino that available in your country

    How to know if you can play on this online casino? Check whether if they accept your country's currency. If they do, high chances the casino is available for your country. Otherwise you could always drop a message with their live chat.

    If the country does not accept your currency or not available on your country, you can always find another one. There's a lot of online casino in the internet.

    If you're from Malaysia or  South East Asia, we would recommend to try out OX88

  2. 2 Good Reputation

    A Good Online casino depends on whether will they pay you if you won and withdraw a big amount of money.

    Few of the common practice or issues that you will might face from bad reputation online casino

    1. Refuses to pay out large winnings by causing delays which will later force player to accept lower percentage of money won due to "system error". 
    2. Manipulating the formula/system of games with causes unequal results. eg. (very low percentage of winning)
    3. Acusing players as "bonus hunter" and forces player to forfiet all winnings/bonus without proper proof.

    Be sure to do some research on the casino before making your first deposit. You can check out our blacklist forum to know which online casinos to avoid.

  3. 3 Good Regulators

    Regulators are government related authority who provide license and monitors these online casino, ensuring the casino are friendly legislation towards online gambling. 

    One example of casino regulator is CRA (Casino Regulatory Authority) from Singapore.

    If you met any issues regarding scams or casino operater refuses to allow withdrawal, regulators will be your only chance of getting your money back.

    Costa Rica, Panama, Anjouan and Seychelles regulators are known to ignore or providing any support. So if you're money is scammed on online casino under these regulations, you might as well say goodbye to your winnings.

    Note that, Malaysia do not have any online gambling regulations and the regulations are only on licensed gamble outlet such as Genting's Casino. If you are from Malaysia and looking to bet online, make sure its legal and safe.

    You may refer to the map chart above to know more whether your country's casino are regulated or illegal.

  4. 4 Good Withdrawal Limit

    To put this simply, Withdrawal Limit is created for Casino to generate enough money from player's deposit while convert it into another player's winning withdrawal.

    So, it all falls down to how big is the online casino's money reserves , allowing them to have a bigger withdrawal limit.

    For example, winning the top prize of Slots is RM500,000 and the withdrawal limit is RM5,000 per month. It would take you 41 years just to fully withdraw that amount of winnings, where the casino would probably closed down already. 

    Very high withdrawal limit are also a sign of casino operators looking to baiting players to deposit more which might result in losing more in the long run which might also become a scam.

  5. 5 Good Customer Support

    A quick and responsive 24/7 customer support is a sign of a Healthy casino where there are still staff maintaining it , The faster the response, the better it is.

    If the online casino forces you to communicate with email that need 2 or 3 days for a response, unreachable phone number

    Leave that casino and dont return.

  6. 6 Good Website for both Desktop and Mobile

    A clean , simple and modern website interface is a good sign of operators putting extra effort on the creation of website. Extra points if the website support a good mobile view .

  7. 7 Deposits and Withdrawal

    As mentioned in 1st point, Make sure the casino supports your country's currency as conversion might charge you even more than you could bet with.

    A good online casino should have a very fast withdrawal rate but it also depends on what type of withdrawal method you are using. Bank transfers might take up to a week  on a western based online casino if you're from South East Asia. 

    Nowadays all online casino will offer large variety of payment methods like Skrill or Neteller. Or if you're local, some do accept on the manual Bank-in payment methods like OX88.

    You could always have a chat with the live support before making your deposit or withdrawal just to confirm.

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