Gwin RM18 Free Credit giveaway

Get RM18 Free Credits , only for Pub100 members only!

Event Ended. Thank you for your Participation.

Please follow these step below. Any question please email instead

Gwin9 giving away RM18 Free Credits to Pub100 Members.

To Qualify

  1. ONCE per person. NOT per account.
  2. 300 points as processing fee . Deduct upon submission. No Refunds.
  3. Copy & Paste this link on your Facebook , tag at least 2 friends.
  4. Fill up the form below to claim.
  5. You must join into Telegram group to qualify.  (update 6 July)
  6. 3 days for processing (Normally will be done by Wednesday & Saturday night).
  7. Make sure registered as member in Gwin9 (Malaysia only).

*Subjected to x20 turnover*
*Credits will be processed every 72 Hour*

Event Ended. Thank you for your Participation.

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  1. Before you complain why so slow , why i didnt get it. Please read the claim requirement carefully okay. We manually process each claim , and do all at once. Admin need to sleep also okay ya ?

      1. Hi,
        Glad you got it, we do submit it every day , however in the end of the day it is up to Gwin9 to decide when to give you the free credit.
        Their live chat are not fully updated with the department who handle the free claim, that’s why even if you contact their live chat they might not be even giving you the latest info.

      1. Hi, we have updates from Gwin9 that your username “Kiddy7” does not exist , thus no free credit was given to anywhere.
        Please check your account’s username and update us to follow up.

          1. Hi, we have added a new rule recently for the submission. However we’ll let Gwin9 know about your case and follow up.
            Please hold on for the moment

  2. Hi, the post which I sharrd just now, it was automatically set as public already. You have to login your facebook account then only you can see ours public post on the facebook link which we was provided to you ok. Or else you will bot be avaialble to see our public post.

    1. Hi,everyone have to follow the campaign rules to ensure everyone is fair.
      You can get points in multiple way, 300 points is actually easy if you just login for few days and play the daily spin.

    1. Hi there, we try to do all the process all the submission at once and will try to notify you when theres an issue.
      Everyone likes free things in life so theres alot submissions we have to handle.
      Please be patient and we will get back to you guys ya ?

  3. admin already send to you my submission to claim..wait for your good news.. anyway admin u really very funny la, I wonder why I cannot find GWIN9 website address on this post..why u not provide the web address for everyone to see it..who wan to know the address just ask admin here..i get it already…hahahaha admin u so tricky funny la..that day april fool n now this..aiyo

    1. Hi there, I have just check your submission and you did not submit your shared facebook link.
      Please read carefully the instruction before submitting.
      System will automatically recognize your submission as spam if you don’t submit correct info.
      Please resubmit a new submission with correct info.

    1. Hi , we have responded you but instead we did not receive any new update from you about your link.
      Your facebook account did not contain any shared post.
      Please check your mail, we have sent another mail to you for followup.
      Thank you.

  4. Make sure you are logged in and registered as member in Gwin9.
    *Subjected to x20 turnover*

    User who provide info that are not correct will be automatically ignored by system. Please provide correct information to ensure you get your free credit. More mistakes = delayed free credit. ?

    1. Hi changnam,
      We got your submission, we are able to view your facebook profile but we are unable to find the post.
      The link you have provided here are not cant be viewed as well.
      We have replied you in a follow up mail, please kindly reply so we can process it

      1. Its weird because i did double check the privacy setting to ‘Public’ before i share it..Hmmmn

        I have replied to the mail right after receiving it but waited till now still no respond sir..

          1. Hi, we’re not Gwin9. We will deduct the points first then forward to Gwin9 to process the free credit as a “deposit payment” stated in our post.
            In any case that Gwin9 did not give you the free credit or there are any issue, we can always refund you the point.

    1. Hi, we have to deduct the point first as a “payment” for the free credit as stated in our post.
      In any case if you got your free credit but happens to not have enough points to deduct, what to do.
      However if you are unable to get your free credit, we can always still refund you the points.

      1. 3 May 2020 05:48 PM -300 point gwin9 free credit claim show in my points history.. so how can u send email that i not enough point and tell i have to collect point and redeem again???

        1. Hi , it seems that we made a mistake about it. However we did already forwarded your submission to gwin9 regardless of the message mistake.
          Could you kindly reply my mail so we could follow up ?

    1. Hi Alantee,
      In case you dont know, Gwin9 can track the same person claiming free credit again.
      So please be a fair, everyone can only claim once.
      Also, you’re not supposed to own a second account especially to claim anything in effort to abuse the system.
      Your both account will be subjected for ban soon, please appeal on our email.

    1. Hi, Thanks for notifying us.
      We’ll let Gwin9 know about this as we are only in charge to collecting submission for them, we do not handle the free credit process in your account.

      1. Saya live chat to Gwin9 for talk free rm18.tapi u x bagi tahu user name sya dgn Gwin9,, MY USER NAME GWIN9 : Khaziq77, point potong 5hb now time day 9hb 4day waiting u haizzzz servis not good

    1. Hi ,
      I can reply you all day long and keep on submitting your submission to Gwin9.
      However in the end of the day, it is up to Gwin9 to decide when to provide the free credit.
      As far as we know, Gwin9 have a schedule for processing the free credit in batch however we are unable to provide you a clear answer on that.
      If you are unsatisfied about the free credit processing time, then we could only just refund you the points and request to cancel the submission.
      Otherwise, please be patient.

      1. Don’t mean to be rude but saw this on the requirements of this post Free rm18 tnc
        **Credits will be processed every 48 Hour**
        Is it a joke or what? Sorry to offend u .im merely asking the status of my request since it’s been 6 days give or take.

        1. Hi Mike,
          I understand how you feel as waiting for a long are quite frustrating. You are indeed qualified and we have already submitted it since Saturday.
          However there is actually very little communication established with “me” to Gwin9 as I am only in charge of handling the submission.
          Gwin9 might have received it but it is up to them to provide the free credit.
          I’ll have another submission made by today.

    1. Hi Zombieblock,
      If there is a problem on your submission, we’ll notify you via email.
      The free credit is given by gwin9 by batch not daily as we have stated in the post itself.
      Thus it will take minimum 2 days to process the free credit, it will and can take up to 3 to 7 days depending on gwin9 side.

        1. Hi benten,
          We have notified you that you have already claim before using another account before.
          This promotion can only claim ONCE per “Person” not by total amount of fb or pub100 account you personally own.
          Even if we forward your submission, Gwin9 could’ve easily trace your origin.

          1. Hi benten, We have received submission for facebook for Dollychia before by from an email call kuatcuci. Which is same with your submitted link.

    1. Hi, i do not understand what do you mean by withdraw cash ?
      Are you talking about “cuci” in gwin9? If you want to cuci in Gwin9, go withdraw from their live chat.
      We’re not Gwin9 and Pub100 does not have any function to withdraw real cash.

        1. Hi machorf, it was stated the free credit will only be processed by Gwin9 according to them.
          We have already forwarded your submission to them since then, we’ll notify them again about this.

      1. John my points history show that 300points already deducted for gwin9.but on my acc gwin9 the credit not in yet.process the credit to be in ya thanks.
        Pub100 id = frozen
        Gwin9 id = frozen

    1. Hi Welldy, Points will be always be deducted by us before processing the free credit. The free credit is provided by Gwin9 side.
      May i know if you have get the free credit yet ? If not, we’ll follow up with Gwin9 about this issue.

    2. Welldy, Melkasun, Mentari or whichever your name is, we have found that you used multiple account in different occasions to claim for multiple different Gwin9 accounts.
      We are unable to accept such behavior of abusing the free credit, these accounts will be blocked.