Get Free 500 Points !

Get 500 Points by installing W88's new world game , Racing Reels.

Event over, thank you for participating.

W88 will launch the new world first game name Racing Reels.

Installation Steps

  1. Click here to download this App
  2. Install and Open app
  3. Upgrade prompt appear
  4. Select Upgrade
  5. Check Upgrade success to v1.0.3

Once you have installed the App, screenshot and send us the screenshot with form below and claim 500 free points!

Steps to Claim Points

  1. Install the App, refer to installation steps above
  2. Screenshot the app installed on your phone.
  3. Submit your screenshot with the form below

First 2 day claim (6 & 7 February 2020) : 500 points
After first two day : 300 Points

Install as soon as possible to get 500 points. Once per Pub100 account.

*Event over*

Submission Form

Same email as your Pub100 account, to allow us to give you the point

Screenshot your homescreen with the app

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    1. Hi, FYI the points already added into your balance since 28th.
      We manually check every single submission, so the point are not given right away.
      Also we received your submission on the same day we gave you the point… so its not even 1 day apart.

    1. Hi, 300 points has been added into your account. Just a quick notice that not all submission are instantly responded.
      On a side note, there’s no mention of free credit in this post. Please read properly before making any assumptions.

    1. Hi, unfortunately this event has expired long time ago.
      I found that you have the same screenshot with azrul201795, are you the same person?
      You know you are not supposed to have multiple account ?

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