Gemstone game

In CQ9 Gaming the Gemstone game, its animation is a cake and a of color gemstone, and the game can enter a total of 5 rounds. In each game round, the gems in the animation are rendered differently, and the next round is the way to get 15 cakes in the game. After getting a cake, the biscuits around the animation will be reduced by one. The more the biscuits around you are reduced, the more gemstone will be added in the next round. For this game, we can bet from a minimum of RM0.50 to RM100, then the game will be to spin 2-3 round times,then can be let you to win. On the bonus time side, the game description shows when have to see the gift box is the bonus time, but I play the game for an hour and a half haven’t seen the gift box, so you want to get the bonus need the luck.

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