Free 4D Bet Monthly

Have some silver but cant claim more free bets? No problem, even if you have 1 silver, you can get 2 Free 4D bet monthly here.

Free 4D is now close. Submission from 3th to 7th April will be temporary on hold due to provider’s technical issue. Sorry for inconvenience

Member with silvers can play 4D for Free with Pub100 twice every month.

How does this works

Pub100 will make a bet on every 4D (magnum, toto, damacai) based on your submitted number.

Win = We share the prize 50/50 with the winning member
Lose = Pub100 pays the bet

*The bet form only open on bet dates as below. Bet date will change monthly*


Members with at least 1 Silver can get 1 free 4d bet every two week.

Your silver amount will not affect how many Free 4D bet you can get. All silver member will get same 4D bet time. (*This is subjected to change in future*)

To get silvers, kindly visit our silver page to know more

If you have at least 1 Silver, you can only make 1 bet every 2 week.

Bet submission : Monday to Friday
Bet result: Sunday(subjected to availability)

*Date Subjected to changes on 4D company & availability*

You can reliably check 4D results in this external source and results will be based on it West Malaysia’s 4D result.

All bet will be “straight” bet.

All bets will be “Big” bet  (23 winning prize)

RM1 bet will be made on Magnum , Da Ma Cai, TOTO sports

*Bet amount , times are subjected to changes in future*

Your bet chance and will not keep for next bet time. Refer date to not miss out.

Members can only pick 1 set of number. The number will be used to purchase all 3 4D company (Damacai, Magnum, TOTO) at the same time.

If you submit more than 1 set of number, we will randomly pick one for you. (you will be notified via email before submission close)

If your number win , let us know so we can process the winning claim as we will require to request it from our sponsors.

The winning will be shared 50/50 to you.

We will notify winner via on email if we know the result first.

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        1. Hi, your silver amount will not affect how many bet you can make. Anyone who have AT LEAST 1 silver will get 2 4D bet chance per month (1 every 2 week).
          However , your method will be considered in future update if this Free 4D bet liked by many user.

          1. Hi nana1983, as mentioned on previous reply. You can only bet ONCE per batch regardless of how many silver you have.
            Owning silver in any amount simply allows you to join the 4D bet.

  1. admin i not understand..
    Bet submission : Monday to Wednesday<<here is I will do submission
    Submission Close: Thursday<<Close no more submission
    Bet made on: Friday<<Who will do this bet?
    Result: Saturday

    also where to submit 4D number?

      1. 现在中不中,没关系,表格我记得有提交,,你们没收到,不会真的是我填了表格然后,没按send吧?硬币是同一天申请的,星期一早上5点多