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Earn Free points daily or Silver if you are the first 30 user to claim. Time of reveal code are random. ?

You can get different coupon code from our Facebook page Daily.

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Coupon reward will be added into your account balance after redeemed with the coupon form above.

Each coupon code can only be used ONCE per user. The type of reward you get (Points, Silver) are entirely random.

It could be under this reasons

  1. The coupon code used has already finish claimed. There are only 30 claim per coupon code. Coupon code will be not reused for another new coupon.
  2. You already claimed this coupon code before.
  3. This code already expire. Look for a new one in our Facebook page.
  4. Make sure its correct, copy paste the coupon you found in our facebook page to avoid mistake.

There are no specific time for new coupon. New coupon code will be posted in facebook page everyday. Check our page once a while to get new code.

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