EUFA EURO 2020 Prediction

Predict your favorite team and get up to RM1,888 on correct prediction.

Kindly Refer Official site’s promotion section for latest details.

Excited for EURO CUP 2021 ? Prediction has now open!

OX88 EUFA EURO 2020 Prediction has started. Predict your favorite team & get up to RM1,888 bonus

Prize Table

Conditions Prize
Correct both Top 3 & Loser 3 Team & Order RM1,888
Correct Top 3 Team & Order RM888
Correct predict on Loser 3 Team & Order RM388
Correct predict of teams on both Top 3 & Loser 3 RM88
Correct predict of teams on Top 3 OR Loser 3 RM38
All prediction wrong RM18

How to Join

  1. To Qualify for Prediction, player need to fulfill criteria as below
    – Minimum deposit of MYR 1,000 before June 2021 with minimum total eligible turnover of MYR 200 in Sports’ event.
  2. To participate for the prediction , kindly click the “participate button now to join.

*Promo details are subjected to changes, kindly visit OX88 Promotion section for latest info*

Prediction open until 10th June 2021.

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