Earn Extra Income during MCO, Earn up to RM68,850 monthly!

Need extra income? OX88 is the FIRST of providing an exciting affiliate system for users to earn income up to RM68,850* monthly

OX88 is offering everyone an exciting way to earn yourself Extra income or actually a very big income

Do you ?

Have high roller friends?

Know a lot casino players?

Then be OX88’s partner and Invite your friends to be OX88 players. Each friend you invited , you get RM10 + up to RM68,850* Monthly

*Terms and condition applied.*

How to be Partner

  1. Visit OX88Reward.com and Register as Member
  2. Login and you will be directed to Welcome Page
  3. You are automatically our partner!

How to earn RM10

  1. Click “Invite friends” in Welcome Page or “affiliate link” in Main menu
  2. Copy your special link provided in “Your referral URL” section. Refer image.
  3. Paste the link to your friends (whatsapp, facebook , etc) and invite them to join.
  4. When they click your link, and register in ox88reward.com , you earn RM10.

How to make Earnings up to RM68,850* per month

  1. Make sure they register with same username on ox88reward.com and OX88.com. This is to make sure you get earnings monthly based on their deposit.
  2. You will earn this by end of each month
    – RM10 (once only)
    – any deposits your friend made in OX88 percentage by every end of month.

*Terms and condition applied.*

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