Corona Alert! Get Free Mask!

Free box of mask for our dedicated supporters!

Disclaimer: OX88 are not selling or performing any transaction in face mask.

OX88 are providing welfare for our supporter during this COVID-19 Pandemic. OX88’s customers who had made total deposit RM2000 before or until now can claim A Box of Face maskas an appreciation of your support.


  • Total RM2000 deposit made in your OX88 account. This include all your previous transaction for the past few months.

Note that Submissions that meet the requirement will be ignored

Submission Form

Fill in your full address for better accuracy. Delivery will be made by courier not OX88 themselves.

For contact purpose

Share this Post to get Face mask (for qualified user only)


Do you own 4,000 friend or follower in your Facebook?

Share this post 3 times in 3 days and get 1 Box Face Mask for Free as well!

Submission Form (Facebook)

For delivery purpose. The package will be delivered by courier not OX88.

For contact Purposes


You will need to make sure your OX88 account has previous made at least total of RM2000.

It can be accumulated from the moment you registered an account in OX88. Deposit are not necessary have to be made within this period. You can top up right now if you are lacking a little as well.


1st January 2019 deposited RM500

5 March 2019 deposited RM1000

29 December 2019 deposited RM500

Total = RM2000

You can check your OX88 deposit transaction on top right corner “Deposit” symbol. Once you’re in there you can check all the transaction you have made. If you made multiple or large amount of deposit attempts before, kindly contact Live Chat to request for total deposit made.

To qualified for a free Mask from facebook sharing , you must

  • Own at least 4000 friends or follower on your own account
  • Share this post 3 Times , for 3 days, Once per day.
  • Shared post must be set to “Public”
  • Submit your facebook profile link + public your profile to allow us to check.
  • Once verified, box of mask will be sent to your inserted address using courier service.

The face mask will be delivered to you by courier service based on the address you provided in the form.

You will be contacted via text message on the courier info. Make sure the address is correct to ensure accurate delivery.

All delivery are not made by OX88 personally , and do not hold any responsibility on anything when the package is in transit.

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      1. thank u OX88, PUB100 and Admin-John for the face mask…I just received the face mask..It was so nice also the quality was so good and excellent..thank you again 🙂 must give LIKE to all this…

  1. hi admin..i not mean to post many times since after u read my previous post almost same the content..this happen because when the times i post it was not update..only now my post came out..not mean to float 🙂