CNY Angpao for Everyone

Claim Free angpao by login daily. Open angpao for RM.

To celebrate 2022 CNY, all members can claim a daily in Pub100.

Daily Free Angpao has ended. You may use your angpao before 15th Feb.

  1. You have to be registered as member of Pub100 and logged in to get the angpao and play the game.
  2. To open the angpao, scratch the “Open” to see what you get.
  3. If you do not own any angpao, you cant see the button.
  4. Prizes are random, ranging from Nothing up to RM1000. For more info, check the Prize Section

Each member can only open not more than 10 angpao in total. Extra angpao after first 10 angpao will be considered null and removed. (Know More)

Earn 2 Angpao by sharing link below to fb, whatsapp or telegram.

Sharing event ends, please use your angpao before 15th Feb 2022

Terms & Condition

  1. This event will last until 15th Feb 2022.
  2. Each member can only obtain 1 angpao a day by login & additional 2 Angpao from sharing this page’s link.
  3. Link shared has to be your personal link provided in event page and has to be clicked by visitor to qualify.
  4. You are required to be logged in for the link to work. Every member has different link.
  5. Daily angpao gifts can only be claimed until 5th of Feb 2022, but angpao can be kept until 15th Feb 2022.
  6. All angpao that are not used after 15th Feb 2022 will be removed and no conversion or refund given. Kindly use them before said date.
  7. Angpao you have missed on daily login cannot be obtained.
  8. Maximum value of angpao you may own is up to 10 Angpao (include 2 from sharing link)
  9. Should any member open more than 10 Angpao under any circumstances, extra angpao will be canceled & not refunded.
  10. If member found to abuse glitches to obtain more angpao / opens more angpao outside of standard earning method (daily login, share link) , it will be considered as cheating and all angpao winnings will confiscated & removed.
  11. If members found abusing multiple accounts for claiming RM reward, all related accounts will be subjected to ban.
  12. RM reward claims will be subjected to standard Reward page’s terms and condition.

Prizes of Angpao are all random and as below

  • Nothing
  • RM1
  • RM5
  • RM10
  • RM50
  • RM100
  • RM300
  • RM500
  • RM1000

*RM300 and above prize can only be claimed if player own at least 1 silver (earn from making deposit in our sponsored casino brand)

In circumstances you accidentally or intentionally obtain more than 8 or 10(includes share reward) . Starting from 9th/11th’s angpao or the winnings will be considered as ineffective.

You can still open more than 10 angpao if you accidentally obtained them OR just leave them. However any winning after first 10 will be taken away afterwards.

Example, you opened your 11th’s~ angpao and got RM100. This will be consider ineffective and taken back. Effectively lose your winning.

You cannot to pick which winning to get and only first 8 to 10 angpao effective.

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