✨Do you remember about World cup prizes?✨

We’ll refresh your mind: the winning country gets a golden cup and $42 000 000.
Not bad, right?

🎁🎁🎁 But our winners get Bentley and lots of other valuable things as MacBooks, iPhones, Apple watches, free bets and many many others! 🎁🎁🎁

Not the only one team but 1000+ winners
And you surely are among them.

 Let’s get back to the game of Spain vs Germany – it’s gonna be AWESOME
 💪This Sunday, November 27 the champions will show how to play on this cup! 💪

Germany has won four cups and Spain just one. 
But its not clear who will win, because last time when they met on Nations League two years ago Spain won 6-0!

Hard to decide, huh… the future is unclear…🔮
So we’re leaving you to make your own bet. You do it better than us.

Also don’t forget about other games of this day. 
Shows provided by Belgium vs Morocco, Japan vs Costa Rica and Croatia vs Canada will take a place and You have the power to spice it up! 🌶️
Bets are making games better!

Are you gifted with prediction talent?🔮🙌

Here’s a magic button!👇



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