Feeling exited?

 Probably you have already heard about this one, as so many people have already won!

A BIG BANG Event!🎉

During this event there only to rules and they shift each other every week:

The first one is MEGARUSH!🎉

Here is the only rule – you play, you earn points, which are calculated by multiplying your winnings by 1000!
WOW, we know that it sounds just wonderful, but listen next: 

The second one is MULTIRUSH!🎉

You get 100 spins and your winning is determined by the odds! However, your stake does not affect the odds!

In both scenarios you need to play only in games provided by BarBara Bang and the winnings can go really high, to be precise:

🔥 1 place gets 3 000  !

🔥 2 place gets 1 000 €  !

🔥 3 place gets 500  !

🔥 Pssh, even if you end on 250 place, you still get a reward!
So, take all luck you can get and start on!
Push the button and prove that you are the best of the best!  -> (


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