Argentina vs France: what’s the chances?

It's your chance to win!

Leo Messi still remembers how painfully France kicked out Argentina from the last World Cup, tomorrow he gets a chance for revenge.

During that last time they faced each other, France exposed Argentina's many weaknesses and forced the federation to do a reconstruction from the ground up.
This is the most equal game we have seen in this World Cup. Chances are almost the same (France is ahead by 1%). 
To predict the outcome, we have to look at the little details, like which team is in the best shape at the moment, physically and mentally.

Also, we have two generations on the field. 
Which one you bet, experience or youth?


🎫   Our coefficients for the Final now:   🎫
Argentina – 2.91  🏆
France – 2.86  🏆
Draw – 3.105  🤝

We love both teams and cheering for Argentina just because we know already how France’s victory looks like. 

So our advise is…
👇   Bet on your favorite team!   👇


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