Are You Greedy When Online Gaming?

On Winning..How Greedy are u?

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  1. My style of playing usually depends on the situation/mood that day… I can tell if there’s a lot going on around that day the “greediness” will visit me…. And end up “cursing” myself ….ahahahahah

    1. greedy is one of the faster way to win a lots but also have a lots of traps especially to greediness player..
      but if sometimes suddenly donno how n where get super power charge up then nothing will stop from winning, winning n winning again n what win what, press what win what n the funniest is close eye also win..what can i say so nice to hear it..but this not always happen but hoping always can get it..greedy or not i think i not have the answer..not greedy just win a little but greedy win get surprise winning of the day..