5Winning full house company kencing deposit by digi Reload voucher

kencing company winning full house

yesterday I use my digi topup Reload voucher to deposit at winning full house company need to play the game after submit the voucher the cs become 10 to 15 min just only reply me the ? n pw, at the moment I still chat with the cs because I just c the cs sent me when topup by voucher Reload if win jp who below 8 times deposit the company just can get 50% for the jp prize, so I talk to him I have record b4 deposit maybe is over 8 times deposit, then he said my number is no record at the company,so reply maybe at old whatsapp number and telegram is _still available have record now, cause I just b4 topup play game only, so I talk with him when I win just only find out the resist b4 my deposit transaction record, now haven’t play if no win jp find out also nothing all can do, so I say I play game now first, after I login I c the account is just only 3 sen inside, I direct to inform the cs no credit inside, how know he say I play already, he show me the topup record say I d play, ?hello just now I chat with him at the moment how I can play the game? I just first time login inside only 3 point I d direct to ask the cs, where got time to play, I ask he check IP ADDRESS but he dont want just say I need to tipu him, play but say haven’t play, hey I one time spin also haven’t click, I just at the game home page until now also haven’t login any games room,,how come he talk like that,? I know I dah kena kencing d so what I say also nothing can do now, actually I support this company another branch few years d, no like this problem, the cs also know u nvr do that b4 few years until know, the cs tell me he don’t want what happens the cs with me then do like that ask me find the boss complain, the boss will settle with me, but until now the boss read d no reply me, so what can I do now? haizz better share at here hope member be careful, don’t be the next like me kena kencing at the company


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